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A Bridge too far
by cugzkani
Version 1

In this small scale mission, you seek to steal the original copy of a book from the boss of a counterfeit crime outfit, which are located on a bridge.
• Uploaded 21.09.2023 • Size 6144b • Downloads 3
A good Neighbor
by Amadeus
Version 4

The nights are getting colder and you need to pay your rent on time before you get tossed out into the winter air. Luckily, your neighbor told you about a mysterious merchant from faraway shores who has come to the small hamlet ...
• Uploaded 08.03.2020 • Size 82944b • Downloads 3
A House Call
by thebigh
Version 2

A virulent and deadly illness afflicts the children of Bridgeport. One brilliant but greedy physician can treat the disease, for an extortionate fee. Burgle his house for the cure your daughter needs.
• Uploaded 10.03.2022 • Size 10240b • Downloads 2
A House of locked Secrets
by Moonbo
Version 3

Step into the shoes of Bolen, a now-former thief living in the City. After some tumultuous events, you've been rethinking your path in life and your new road takes you high into the mountains, to the gates of a mysterious monaste...
• Uploaded 28.05.2015 • Size 20992b • Downloads 3
A Matter of Hours
by Springheel
Version 2

In this speedbuild mission, Corbin sets out to steal a rival gang's loot before they are raided by the city watch.
• Uploaded 27.04.2017 • Size 1024b • Downloads 4
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Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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