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Dive into the immersive world of "Thief: The Dark Project" (1998), the pioneering title that introduced players to the captivating realm of stealth gaming. Assume the role of Garrett, a master thief with unparalleled skills, as you navigate a medieval city shrouded in darkness and intrigue. Stealthily move through the shadows, evade guards, and pilfer valuable treasures in a world that thrives on secrets. Uncover the art of silent movement and subtle theft in this timeless classic.

The legacy continues with "Thief II: The Metal Age" (2000), a sequel that enhances the stealth experience. Join Garrett once again as he delves deeper into a world of industrial aesthetics and sinister plots. Improved gameplay mechanics amplify the thrill of covert operations, as you explore a city teeming with secrets waiting to be unveiled. Embrace the challenge of multifaceted missions and utilize your cunning to outsmart even the most vigilant of foes.

Embark on a journey of mystery and discovery in "Thief: Deadly Shadows" (2004), the third installment of the acclaimed series. This open-world adventure immerses players in a sprawling cityscape, where the line between light and darkness is as tenuous as the secrets hidden within. As Garrett, confront the enigmatic "Trickster" and unravel a tale of intrigue that challenges your wit and stealth. Your choices reverberate throughout the shadows, shaping the fate of the city and its inhabitants.

Venture into the realm of multiplayer stealth with "Thievery" (2002), a mod that transforms the essence of the Thief series into a dynamic team experience. Choose to be a nimble thief or a vigilant guardian in a heart-pounding game of strategy and skill. Engage in tactical heists and intense pursuits through exquisitely designed maps. The thrill of outwitting opponents, whether as a thief or a defender, adds a new dimension to the art of thievery.

"NightBlade" (2003) invites you to indulge in the thrill of stealth and subterfuge in a multiplayer arena. Within the Unreal Tournament 2003 engine, immerse yourself in team-based gameplay where you play as either a nimble thief or a tenacious guardian. Strategize, maneuver through intricately designed environments, and engage in exhilarating chases. The game's attention to detail and tactical depth redefine multiplayer stealth experiences.

Step into the shadows once more with "The Dark Mod" (2009), an independent stealth title inspired by the Thief series. Immerse yourself in a world of clandestine operations, where every step and breath matter. Embrace the mantle of a master thief and take on a myriad of meticulously crafted missions. Exploit darkness, silence, and skill to orchestrate elaborate heists, showcasing your prowess in the art of thievery.

Game Servers online via
Brodys Challenge
Timelimit: 20
Max Players: 12

Brodys Revenge
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

Thievery2022 (ThPlusMod 1.0.3)
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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