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The Stone of Alarus

The Stone of Alarus A Thief II Fan Mission Requires NewDark 1.27 Author : Intruder (Steffen Lehnert) Release date : 31.01.2024 Version : 1.0 ========================================================================== Story: Two years have passed since the fall of the Mechanist order and Karras's death in Soulforge Cathedral. The Hammerites have reclaimed the cathedral and restored its former state, turning it into a place of worship again. Rumor has it that they've sealed off what remained of the destroyed Mechanist factory compound and instead restored access to the extensive crypts right underneath the cathedral. Overhearing a conversation in the Crippled Burrick Pub between some criminal low-lifes working for Ruben, I got some vague information that a precious artifact, a gemstone called the "Stone of Alarus", was stashed in the crypts beneath Soulforge. I can't risk letting them getting their hands on it so I have to move quickly... Getting into the compound ain't easy as the whole place is locked down at night. Not even their novices are allowed to roam around after sunset as they are confined to the cathedral building. However, thanks to Basso's contacts I know a gravedigger possessing the necessary papers to enter the compound at night, though he is only admitted to the cemetery behind the cathedral. But that's something to start with after all. Basso bribed the gravedigger and arranged for me a ride inside a coffin right after midnight. Furthermore, I'm still in possession of a novices' outfit and Basso provided me with a forged novices' admission letter. So that's my way in. Once I'm inside I have to scrutinize the place and find out where exactly the "Stone of Alarus" is hidden. My best shot is playing the innocent novice and not doing anything suspicious while searching the place. Since the main gate is locked up at night I'll have to bolt through the cemetery gate once I've got what I came for. Before leaving though, I have to place some faked evidence pointing at Ruben and his men to avoid any attention being drawn to me... ========================================================================== Notes: This mission has been designed to have a classic Thief OM look. It is highly recommended to disable all mods and texture packs so as not to clash with the intended experience. When using the „Thief Enhancement Pack“ (or similar) you might notice some objects intersecting other objects or terrain geometry. ========================================================================== Difficulty: Normal: – Lowest loot goal – Most shopping money Hard: – Moderate loot goal – Less shopping money – 1 additional goal Expert: – Highest loot goal – Least shopping money – 2 additional goals ========================================================================== Play Information: Game : Thief II - The Metal Age v1.27 File name : Difficulty Settings : Yes Equipment store : Yes Map / automap : Yes / Semi New graphics : No New sounds : No New monsters : No EAX support : Yes Multi language support : English, German, Russian Briefing movie : No ========================================================================== Construction: Base : Sabotage at Soulforge Build Time : 05/2012 - 12/2023 ========================================================================== Credits: Beta Testers: – skol – Ripped Phreak – Mat99 – Myles Custom Objects: – metal chain by Jason Otto – 4x4SecretDoor by Nielson74 – coffin by Saturnine – wallspot by Skol Custom Textures: – textures from Thief 1 – distant art by Redface Custom Scripts: – tnhScript by Tom N Harris Custom Sounds: – sounds from Thief 1 Translation and proof-reading: – vfig – Mikko! / sht3pt (Russian version) ========================================================================== Copyright Information: This level was made by Intruder (Steffen Lehnert). Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is kept intact. This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive. ==========================================================================

• Uploaded 31.01.2024 • Size 42.92 Mb • Downloads 0

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