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Greyscale Mod

T2 Greyscale Mod
Release: v1.0, 09/03/04
By: Yandros

What is this?
This archive contains files which allow you to play T2 OMs (original missions) in a MOSTLY greyscale (black & white) environment.

What DOES it make greyscale?
- All brush/terrain textures (that means walls, floors, etc.)
- Most AI
- Some objects
- Some HUD elements (health shields, light gem)
- Particle effects
- Player arm models

What does it NOT make greyscale?
- Some (a majority of) objects
- Menu/interface screens other than main title window
- Movies/cutscenes

Why didn't you convert everything to greyscale?
- The objects which still show in color use textures in the \obj\txt16 folder, which means they each have their own palette of colors. The only way to convert them is to do it manually, one at a time, and include every converted file in this archive. That would bloat the archive by over 800 files and 8MB, and would take a very long time to do.
- I could have done the menus, but felt the significant increase in archive size wasn't worth it. I settled for just replacing main_1.pcx, which is the title window on the main menu.
- I don't know how to make the movies greyscale, and wouldn't bloat this archive with them if I did.
- Basically, I tried to get the most bang for the buck here - get as much to greyscale as possible, without having a huge ZIP to download and spending days creating it. By far the largest part of the archive are the AI mesh textures, but I felt since they're a very central part of the game, they needed to be converted.

How do I install it?
1. Use Darkloader to restore your Thief directory to Original T2 (uninstalling any FMs).
2. Unzip this archive directly into the root of your Thief 2 install (e.g. C:\Games\Thief 2), being sure that "Use folder names" is checked. You should now have the following directories in your T2 folder:
Now, just run Thief 2 normally (or through Darkloader) and you should be in greyscale mode. You'll know you are if the main Thief 2 menu window (above the options on the starting screen) is in black and white, and the words "Greyscale Mod by Yandros" appears under "Thief II - The Metal Age".

How do I uninstall it?
1. Assuming you still are in Original T2 mode through Darkloader (i.e., you haven't installed any FMs), just delete the four directories listed above (fam, intrface, mesh, and pal).
2. If you HAVE been playing FMs with the greyscale files in place (which I recommend against, see below), revert to Original T2 in Darkloader BEFORE deleting the directories!

Can I use this with FMs?
You can, but be advised that any custom textures (including object, mesh (AI) and terrain textures) used in the FM will NOT be greyscale, so it's possible that many missions will actually be mostly NON-greyscale. And no, I can't convert FMs automatically - each author would have to do that to his/her own mission.
Cleaning up/uninstalling the greyscale mod files will be trickier if you play FMs using it. You should revert to Original T2 in Darkloader FIRST, or else Darkloader may not clean up all the files correctly when you uninstall the FM. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS GREYSCALE MOD WITH FM'S UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND CAN CLEAN UP THE THIEF DIRECTORY AFTERWARDS! AND PLEASE DON'T COMPLAIN TO ME IF SOMETHING HAPPENS - YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

I hope you enjoy this mod! There's another one on the way soon! :-)

Yandros 09/03/04

• Uploaded 03.09.2004 • Size 4.04 Mb • Downloads 1

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