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A Thief's Training


A Thief Gold Fan Mission
by Snake

Title : A Thief's Training
Author : Snake (Colm Lardner)
Contact : PM on TTLG forums or at the Dromed Discord server
Date of release : 10 March 2024
Version : 1.0

Cutty must be feeling generous, or guilty, as he threw me a bone
in lieu of any actual work. It seems Sigurd and Radbod, two of the
Downwinders’ best, have recently gone rogue. Word on the street is
they have a new employer, unlikely a warden but definitely someone
with deep pockets. Cutty tells me they were spotted last night
checking into the Hoofed Liar, a dilapidated inn located in
Chapelshade, a half-abandoned hamlet on the outskirts of the City.

Normally I would look down on poaching work from others, but the
rent is due, and Cutty has nothing else coming my way. It’s still
daylight, but I will have to leave now if I have any chance of
cutting Sigurd and Radbod off before they leave that inn. If I’m
lucky, they might still be sleeping, which will give me a chance to
figure out where they’re headed.

On the bright side, at least whatever I find is mine, that is, if
there is anything to find, and if I can get away with it...

* Notes *

- This mission is for Thief Gold, it will not work if you load it
in Thief 2.
- This mission mostly uses stock resources (except where listed below).
It is intended to be an homage to The Dark Project. The mission
should therefore be played without "upgraded" texture and object packs.
- This mission is not compatible with the Thief Enhancement Pack.
Playing it with the Enhancement Pack enabled can cause numerous clipping
object and missing texture errors.
- NewDark 1.27 or later is required.

* Play Information *

Game : Thief Gold
Level Name : A Thief's Training
File names : miss20.mis
Difficulty Settings : Normal/Hard/Expert
Equipment store : No
Map/Automap : Yes/No
New graphics : Yes
New sounds : Yes
New models : No
EAX Support : No
Multi language support : No (only English)
Briefing Video : No

* Construction *

Base : From scratch (excluding the limited Keeper's
Training area).
Build Time : 18 months.

* Playtesters *

- DirkBogan
- Jayrude
- LoudEmitter
- marbleman
- Walder

* Custom Resource Credits *

- Feuillade Industries (DirkBogan, DrKubiac, FireMage, marbleman,
Schlock, Prinxellier, Skacky) for the following Black Parade assets:
- Keeper voice sets (Daniel Thron, Goldwell, Matt Distraction)
- Keeper meshes
- Keeper glyph projectiles
- Some ambients
- Miscellaneous (some cleaned up textures and other improvements)

- Textures:
- Arx Fatalis
- Clive Barker's Undying
- Thief Deadly Shadows
- DrKubiac (ruined textures from Lost Among the Forsaken)
- Yandros (Hammer banner)
- Undule
- Vigil (including map background template)

- Sounds:
- Pukey Brunster & Tannar for the Hammerite sermon (original
sound but combined into one file for The Scarlet Cascabel)
- marbleman for a cleaned up puffy.wav loop and improvement of
other ambient loops and sound design suggestions
- Other sounds from Thief Deadly Shadows and Public Domain
ambient loops downloaded from

- The mission contains a large number of real paintings by the
following artists:
- Franz Ludwig Catel
- Antonello da Messina
- Jusepe de Ribera
- Karl Heilmayer
- Frans Hogenberg
- Hans Holbein the Younger
- Salomon Koninck
- Georges de La Tour
- Friedrich Carl Mayer
- Juan Mochi
- Rembrandt
- Titian
- Willem van Drielenburch
- Gerard van Honthorst
- Johannes Vermeer
- Pieter Bruegel the Elder

- Other:
- There is a slightly altered poem in the mission by William
Butler Yeats (All Souls' Night).
- Aelfwine's tomb contains an epigram based on one by the
Roman poet Martial.
- Fence object by Jason Otto.

* Thanks *

- My beta testers for their time and valuable input.
- vfig for providing the script to enable secrets to be recognised
and counted in Thief Gold, along with many other answers and
queries to questions raised on the Dromed Discord.
- The many other Dromed Discord members who helped me with queries,
too many to name.
- Nick Dablin for his Dromed Tutorial, the mission would not be
released without it.
- Vortex85 for his YouTube Dromed series, helped me out a lot towards
the end for things like objectives and packing the mission for
- All the people at TTLG and the decades of knowledge still stored
there. I found answers to many questions by searching there first.
- Melan and Feuillade for inspiration.
- Looking Glass Studios.

* Copyright Information *

This level is © 2024 by Snake.

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as the archive
and this file are kept intact.

This level was not made and is not supported by
Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.


• Uploaded 10.03.2024 • Size 51.40 Mb • Downloads 0

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