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Thievery UT
"Thievery" is a captivating multiplayer stealth game that immerses players in a world of intrigue and strategy. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Thief series, this mod transforms the act of theft into an exhilarating cat-and-mouse pursuit, all within a dynamic social dimension.

In "Thievery," players can take on the role of either cunning thieves or vigilant guardians, creating an intense and strategic gameplay experience. The game's core concept revolves around stealth, strategy, and teamwork. As thieves, players must navigate intricate environments, avoid detection, and steal valuable items while using various tools and gadgets. On the other hand, guardians must protect these assets and apprehend the thieves. The game thrives on tension and tactics, making it a unique multiplayer experience.

"Thievery" is a multiplayer mod specifically designed for the PC game engine Unreal Tournament 99. The modding community, known as BlackCat Games, developed this unique experience. Their dedication to crafting a compelling stealth experience within the Unreal Tournament framework showcases their passion for game development and innovation.

Setting & Game Features:
In "Thievery," players find themselves in a pseudo-medieval world that seamlessly blends historical and fantastical elements, offering an immersive backdrop. The game also features Sophisticated Stealth Gameplay, Interactive Environments, Dynamic Lighting and Team-Based Action.

Release Date:
"Thievery" was initially released in 2003, showcasing the dedication and creativity of the modding community during that era. Despite its age, the game has maintained a dedicated player base due to its unique gameplay and immersive atmosphere.

"Thievery" is a remarkable multiplayer stealth game that combines elements of strategy, teamwork, and immersive storytelling, and continues to captivate players to this day with its unique approach to stealth gameplay within the Unreal Tournament 99 engine. If you're a fan of stealth games or multiplayer experiences that demand careful planning and execution, "Thievery" is definitely worth a look.
Game Servers online via
Brodys Challenge
Timelimit: 20
Max Players: 12

Brodys Revenge
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

Thievery2022 (ThPlusMod 1.0.3)
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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