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Thief - The Dark Project and Thief Gold
These iconic video games are milestones in the stealth-action genre and have a dedicated fan base.

Game and Genre:
'Thief: The Dark Project' was initially released in 1998 by Looking Glass Studios and later as 'Thief Gold' with additional missions and improvements. The game falls into the stealth genre, where players assume the role of Garrett, a master thief in a dark, medieval steampunk world known as 'The City.' The core elements of the game involve sneaking, thievery, and stealth.

What sets 'Thief' apart is its emphasis on realism and immersion. Garrett can only carry a limited number of weapons, forcing players to find creative solutions rather than relying on combat. The use of arrows, each with different abilities like water or noise arrows, is crucial for success. The game offers various difficulty levels to cater to both stealth experts and newcomers.

Developer and Community:
Looking Glass Studios was the studio behind 'Thief,' but after the company's bankruptcy, development continued at Ion Storm. The game has a dedicated fan community that has created modifications and custom levels to expand the experience. The community has also worked to keep the game running on modern systems, developing patches to fix bugs and enhance graphics.

'Thief: The Dark Project' has had a significant impact on the stealth genre and is often cited as an inspiration for later games like 'Dishonored' and 'Deus Ex.' Its atmosphere, innovative sound design, and challenging gameplay make it an unforgettable classic.

Overall, 'Thief: The Dark Project' has left a lasting impression in the world of video games with its unique stealth gameplay, dark atmosphere, and dedicated community. It's a game that has captured the hearts of stealth enthusiasts and can still be enjoyed today, thanks to the efforts of the community to keep it alive.
Game Servers online via
Brodys Challenge
Timelimit: 20
Max Players: 12

Brodys Revenge
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

Thievery2022 (ThPlusMod 1.0.3)
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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