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NightBlade is undeniably a fascinating game, originally developed as a modification (Mod) for Unreal Tournament 3. It was brought to life by BlackCat Games and made its debut in the gaming world in 2008.

The game immerses players in a dark, medieval world, where they have the choice to assume the roles of thieves or guards. This unique setting contributes to the game's distinctive atmosphere and presents numerous tactical opportunities.

At the core of NightBlade lies its demanding stealth gameplay. Players must proceed with caution, move silently, and meticulously plan their steps to successfully complete missions. This necessitates not only individual skills but also teamwork and communication among players. Thieves must navigate through the shadows to steal valuable loot, while guards aim to thwart them. The game rewards clever tactics and capitalizing on surprise moments.

BlackCat Games is the development studio behind NightBlade. The mod has been well-received by the community. Developers and the community have collaborated closely to continuously enhance the game and introduce new content.

NightBlade offers various game modes, increasing its diversity and replay value. These modes encompass classic stealth missions, team battles, and special challenges, allowing players to test their skills in various ways and master new challenges.

In summary, NightBlade is a remarkable game that offers a unique blend of medieval ambiance, challenging stealth gameplay, and intense multiplayer battles.
Game Servers online via
Brodys Challenge
Timelimit: 20
Max Players: 12

Brodys Revenge
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

Thievery2022 (ThPlusMod 1.0.3)
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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