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The DarkMod
The Dark Mod: A Tribute to the Thief Series

"The Dark Mod" is an open-source video game born from Doom 3 modding, now a standalone experience known for unique stealth gameplay.

Origins and Background:
First released in 2009, it pays homage to Thief series, acclaimed for challenging stealth mechanics.

Game Concept:
In "The Dark Mod," become a master thief in a medieval world, emphasizing realism, sneaking, and stealth to complete missions.

Game Modes:
Offers various community-created missions, from heists to story-driven quests. Classic and Realism Modes cater to different playstyles.

Community and Developers:
Thriving community of modders, mappers, and developers continually expand the game and work closely with players.

Graphics and Sound:
Despite its Doom 3 roots, modders have enhanced graphics and sound for an immersive, dark ambiance.

A remarkable indie project capturing Thief's essence, "The Dark Mod" is perfect for stealth game enthusiasts. It's free and offers hours of unique gameplay.

Game Servers online via
Brodys Challenge
Timelimit: 20
Max Players: 12

Brodys Revenge
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

Thievery2022 (ThPlusMod 1.0.3)
Timelimit: 35
Max Players: 12

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