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Coveted Formulae

Title : Coveted Formulae
Filename :
Author : StandAndDeliver
Contact : PM on TTLG forums
Date of release : May 9, 2024
Version : 1.0
Update : 1.2

Tonight's job is a small one, and a simple one - but only the
foolish and the broke turn down all the little ones. An anonymous
client rapped upon the door of this week's dirt-caked flophouse,
leaving behind nothing but a little sack of gold and a note.

They want me to break into one of Tol Camrick and Sons' smaller
foundries down in the Old Quarter, and steal the formula for their
plate alloy. If it were a chemist daring enough to rob a bank or
break someone out of Cragscleft, they would've stolen it already,
so if I were a gambling man I'd say my client is some taffer from
the Shemenov company.

The 550 coins they're offering up ought to cover my rent for the
next month, but I'll need some more if I want to eat more than
shoe leather. Nearby Hammerite church was sold and moved out of
recently, but they still maintain a small compound in the utilities
and sewer lines underneath this neighborhood. There's a taphouse I
should also hit along the way, since the wine market is always
reliable. Lastly, I should remember that Tol Camrick isn't the
dumbest company around. I should scope the place out and do some
research before I go in.

* Notes *

- The drunkard and the bartender are non-hostile unless you decide
to hit them for some reason.
- This is my first level, so I made it in 64x64x64 to keep myself
from getting too ambitious and getting stuck. However, there's
still a couple routes for a more enterprising thief, so keep your
eyes peeled.
- I'd expect most players to complete this in 10-25 minutes.
- I designed this around Expert, and recommend playing it on that
- There is an inevitable level 2 alert, but that one NPC is isol-
ated to one room and can't tell his buddies, and he is alerted by
you leaving the room.

* Play Information *

Game : Thief Gold
Level Names : Coveted Formulae
File names : miss21.mis
Difficulty Settings : Normal/Hard/Expert
Equipment store : No
Map/Automap : Yes/No
New graphics : No
New sounds : No
New conversations : No
New models : No
EAX Support : Yes
Multi language support : No (only English)
Briefing Video : No

* Construction *

Base : From scratch.
Build Time : On and off over the course of two months.

* Thanks *

- Looking Glass Studios for their excellent starter tutorials.
- TTLG forums for their big tutorial compendium.
- Renault and Nicked on the TTLG Discord for being very helpful with
a file glitch.

* Copyright Information *

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as the archive
and this file are kept intact.

This level was not made and is not supported by
Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.


• Uploaded 04.06.2024 • Size 896.29 Kb • Downloads 0

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