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Downloads :: Thievery :: Misc
Alert Delayer
This Mutator delays the Objective bell
• Uploaded 15.02.2005 Firetiger5 • Size 5.32 Kb • Downloads 345
Alert Delayer 2
This mutator will delay the Objective bell for guards depending on how the mutator's ini file is configured.
• Uploaded 16.02.2005 Firetiger5 • Size 5.79 Kb • Downloads 337
Alert Delayer 3
The latest Version fixes several Bugs in v2.
• Uploaded 11.03.2005 Firetiger5 • Size 9.41 Kb • Downloads 411
Alien Mode Mutator
Adaption of a mutator by HOB released in the Modsquad forums on Following description adapted as well: This mutator spawns spiders and spider eggs around the map that will infest the map in different areas if not killed. ...
• Uploaded 19.03.2006 Beowulf • Size 50.03 Kb • Downloads 400
Also Known As
The Also Known As mutator keeps Players IPs in a database to reset their Name back when they do join aliasing.
• Uploaded 24.11.2003 Brody • Size 5.16 Kb • Downloads 392
Also Known As
This is a modifed Version of AKA. Its new Feature is to log IP and their used Names in one extra Logfile.
• Uploaded 06.06.2005 Brody • Size 41.38 Kb • Downloads 344
Also Known As v2
The Also Known As mutator keeps Players IPs in a database to reset their Name back when they do join aliasing.
• Uploaded 27.11.2003 Brody • Size 30.14 Kb • Downloads 333
Also Known As v21
The Also Known As mutator keeps Players IPs in a database to reset their Name back when they do join aliasing. This Mutator allows up to five different Names each IP.
• Uploaded 23.06.2004 Brody • Size 29.74 Kb • Downloads 357
Alternative AlienMode
Alternative version of the thing. Spawned spiders are now blue and guard friendly (Egg collision got upped).
• Uploaded 29.05.2006 Brody • Size 82.19 Kb • Downloads 365
Anti Camper
Built from NBAntiCamper, this anti-camping mutator causes your bullets to do 0 damage. Once the camper has started moving again, damage will be restored again. To lessen the chance of being punished for talking, it will check to see if you are typing.
• Uploaded 09.04.2004 Brody • Size 7.67 Kb • Downloads 327
AntiShockHo 3b
This Mutator scans Players Keybinds for Cheats. It automatically announce Cheaters on Screen and kicks them from Server.
• Uploaded 05.06.2003 Brody • Size 21.64 Kb • Downloads 400
AntiShockHo 400
The latest Version of ASH logs Players Keybinds in a seperately Logfile and comes up with a Webadmin Interface.
• Uploaded 31.10.2003 Brody • Size 111.12 Kb • Downloads 379
TH-BackupThis Program copies and restores your Thieveryuser Files.
• Uploaded 23.12.2003 Brody • Size 48.38 Kb • Downloads 328
Backup 1.2
The latest Version of this handy Backup Thingy.
• Uploaded 01.04.2004 Brody • Size 132.77 Kb • Downloads 333
Bloodcovered Skins
ThHaxersBloodcoveredSkins by Haxer557 Installation: * Extract ThHaxersBloodcoveredSkins.u and ThBloodCoveredSkins.utx into your UT\System directory * Open your server ini file * At [Engine.GameEngine] add those 2 following lines: ServerPackages...
• Uploaded 11.07.2011 Brody • Size 857.14 Kb • Downloads 183
Chainsaws Thievery Tools
This Program allows you to change and set Quick and Easy your important Settings for ThAux.ini
• Uploaded 20.10.2003 Brody • Size 139.00 Kb • Downloads 385
Utility to compress *.u Files to *.uc Files for UnrealTournament.
• Uploaded 28.09.2001 Brody • Size 590.37 Kb • Downloads 322
Crossbow Fix
ThHaxersCrossbowFix by Haxer557 Installation: * Extract ThHaxersCrossbowFix.u into your UT\System directory * Open your server ini file * At [Engine.GameEngine] add those 2 following lines: ServerPackages=ThHaxersCrossbowFix ServerActors=ThHaxe...
• Uploaded 06.07.2011 Brody • Size 2.32 Kb • Downloads 244
Decoy Crate
This Mutator lets Crates explode by Chance.
• Uploaded 05.11.2003 Immortius • Size 2 Kb • Downloads 314
Dedicated Server v436
Fully Dedicated Server Files for UT. This is required to run Thievery.
• Uploaded 07.11.2000 Brody • Size 90.13 Mb • Downloads 336
Demo Watcher
This Utility playes Demofiles wether you have saved them, only by clicking on their Name.
• Uploaded 21.12.2000 Brody • Size 335.02 Kb • Downloads 347
Demorec Remote
If you want to do a Demo from a current Game and you dont want your Players to see you login as Admin, use this Mutator to do some Demos.
• Uploaded 19.07.2004 Brody • Size 5.22 Kb • Downloads 320
Earthquake mutator and Spider mutator
Two mutators:
-Quakes: random earthquakes (random intervals configurable via ini)
when they happen can shake around player, bots and decoration (including
much of the loot and some levers/buttons, too)
-Spiders: configurable (maximum) amount of sp...
• Uploaded 25.03.2016 Beowulf • Size 107.33 Kb • Downloads 129
EasyMutators 1.00
This mutator package requires Unreal Tournament version 436 to work correctly. Mutators: DamageInfo/ DamageInfo in MsgWindow Kids SuperMiniguns Shouter Crouch WeaponScore ][ Chainsaw Arena SuperMinigun Arena
• Uploaded 19.02.2004 Bandit • Size 15.12 Kb • Downloads 316
Event Logger
Type: Mutator/Example Code Platform: Thievery UT Version: 0.x From the readme: Incomplete Thievery event logger, originally created as a touch? to a certain ingenoius prank. Feel free to finish it, or just study how not to make UnrealScripts :p
• Uploaded 30.05.2004 MortalMonkey • Size 6.52 Kb • Downloads 318
Firebolt Mutator
Type: Mutator Platform: Thievery UT Version: 1.2 Known bugs: Firechrystals are not spawned clientside. Crystal is not spelled with H. This mutator replaces all the old firebolts/-arrows with MM's firebolts/-arrows, which rely on dealing instant damage...
• Uploaded 23.08.2003 MortalMonkey • Size 11.06 Kb • Downloads 464
Glass Replacer
Type: Mutator Platform: Thievery UT Version: 1.0 Specifically made to prevent broken glass from crashing servers, replaces all 'BreakingGlass' actors with 'ThBreakingGlass'. Not confirmed that it helps.
• Uploaded 26.06.2003 MortalMonkey • Size 0.80 Kb • Downloads 291
Keep It Clean
The Keep It Clean mutator is a way to protect servers from players who use offensive words in their names or messages to other players
• Uploaded 24.03.2003 Brody • Size 75.80 Kb • Downloads 324
Kick Idle Players
Version 2.0 Updates:Kick Idle-Players V2 fixed the problem of the first version only recognizing fire/altfire. Now it can tell if the player has fired/altfired, jumped, ducked, moved (forward,back,strafe left/right), changed weapons, and even if the pl...
• Uploaded 03.01.2002 Brody • Size 5.96 Kb • Downloads 313
KO Retribution
Supports you to run a Ghosting Server. It denies Kill and KO.
• Uploaded 13.07.2003 Brody • Size 1.65 Kb • Downloads 308
LagMonitor v10Keep laggers away from your server with this mod.
• Uploaded 26.09.2004 Brody • Size 9.16 Kb • Downloads 349
Lamerbuster 105
This Mutator protects lame gameplay like spwnkilling, tewamkills etc.
• Uploaded 26.12.2004 Brody • Size 25.57 Kb • Downloads 343
Lamerbuster 106
This Mutator protects lame gameplay like spwnkilling, tewamkills etc.update
• Uploaded 28.12.2004 Brody • Size 27.18 Kb • Downloads 341
Type: Mutator Platform: Unreal Tournament Version: 2 This simple tool allows you to load any Class, texure, sound and mesh from the console. Usefull if you're mucking about with properties ingame.
• Uploaded 22.08.2004 MortalMonkey • Size 3.31 Kb • Downloads 343
Map Vote Mutator 302
BDBMapvote 302This mutator allows players to control what maps are played on a server through voting.
• Uploaded 04.05.2002 Brody • Size 155.36 Kb • Downloads 379
Map Vote Mutator 304
BDBMapvote Mutator 304.This mutator allows players to control what maps are played on a server through voting.
• Uploaded 03.08.2003 Brody • Size 90.77 Kb • Downloads 468
A mutator by Immortius, that allows a guard to take possession of a watcher in the map to see through it, and fire from it.
• Uploaded 27.12.2004 Immortius • Size 24.24 Kb • Downloads 331
Nickname Ban
This Mutator keeps Players off a Server by any Nick or Name
• Uploaded 30.01.2005 Brody • Size 17.61 Kb • Downloads 318
No Thievery Powerups. This little code disables all potions, the sword, the blackjack, and all arrows except moss,vine and water. As usual add ntutp to serverpackages if you are hosting a game. Must be used with ThServerChoice mutator so items you cant...
• Uploaded 13.04.2007 Chief • Size 1.05 Kb • Downloads 345
Pawn Hack
With this Mutator u can srew Playersmoventspeed
• Uploaded 17.12.2003 Brody • Size 3.25 Kb • Downloads 325
Rocket Science
This is just some fun I had with the redeemer... it has a mutator, but the mutator doesn't work propperly. The gun class is "HomingWHLauncher", and the projectile class is "HomingDeemer"..
• Uploaded 20.01.2004 MortalMonkey • Size 3.30 Kb • Downloads 300
Rocket Science
Type: Mutator Platform: Unreal Tournament Version: 1.0 The homing redeemers are back with a vengeance! With new netcode, new physics and a new attitude, these redeemers will show no mercy as they hunt you down.
• Uploaded 06.07.2005 MortalMonkey • Size 5.90 Kb • Downloads 275
Server Announces
ServerAddsThis mutator displays a few Lines of Message you want to show up.
• Uploaded 07.12.2000 Brody • Size 7.60 Kb • Downloads 350
Shop Config
A mutator that allows custom prices to be set for all loadout purchases.
• Uploaded 27.12.2004 Immortius • Size 6.11 Kb • Downloads 368
Spy Orbs
Spy orbs are like normal scouting orbs except they stick to players who either have them thrown at them, or else walk over them after they have been deployed.
• Uploaded 27.12.2004 Immortius • Size 2.83 Kb • Downloads 332
Server Mutator that makes all crates unfrobable, so they cannot be used to block doorways safes etc. also makes all barrels unmoveable, so they cannot be moved to block things.
• Uploaded 28.04.2007 Keggie • Size 1.67 Kb • Downloads 478
Server Mutator that makes it harder for thieves to DM. Full Sword swing does same damage as normal swing, arrows do standard hit damage no matter where you hit (no bonus back hits - ai cannot be back sniped) Only Charged BJ hit will ko a guard, Normal h...
• Uploaded 12.05.2007 Keggie • Size 3.27 Kb • Downloads 500
Server Mutator that makes all thobjecthousehold actors unfrobable, making them impossible to be used for stacking, there are some objects that can still be used to stack, but this should stop most. note - Updated file! fixed the loot problem, also adde...
• Uploaded 03.05.2007 Keggie • Size 3.53 Kb • Downloads 450
Server Mutator that removes all loot, map objective actors and the custom made objective screens, makes it only possible for thieves to win via DM. (kill or ko)
• Uploaded 27.04.2007 Keggie • Size 2.15 Kb • Downloads 497
The Thievery Tutorial
No Describtion
• Uploaded 19.06.2003 Freyk • Size 2.88 Mb • Downloads 384
This is a modified KO-Retribution mutator. Anyone who KOs or Kills as Thief will be immediately made a spectator, and wont be able to play again untill the next map. Just extract both files to your UnrealTournamentSystem folder and add it to your server...
• Uploaded 26.04.2006 Chief • Size 1.55 Kb • Downloads 310
Thievery Mutators
Collection of my old mutators plus a few new ones combined into 1 file, everything can be configed via the ini file.. see for full detailed list. Enjoy ~Keggie
• Uploaded 18.11.2010 Keggie • Size 0 Kb • Downloads 385
Thievery UT Bloom mod
This thing adds bloom for UT 99 engine. Use d3d9 driver or else if it dosent work. Everything goes to your unreal/system. You need atleast dx9 card. This tool was created by Vorontsov Boris, i just tweaked it a bit., and...
• Uploaded 10.10.2008 EvilPlan • Size 1.41 Mb • Downloads 468
Thievery Webadmin
This is an advanced Webadmin, that allows you to specify muliple Admins Access with different Permissions
• Uploaded 20.07.2003 Brody • Size 129.50 Kb • Downloads 363
ThieveryWeapons v03
Type: Mutator/Example Code Platform: Thievery UT Version: 0.3 Buggy attempt at integration of UT weapons into Thievery. Features giving of items on spawn (INI settings) and through console, plus easier TUT/UT weapon switching (disabled due to client cr...
• Uploaded 06.08.2004 MortalMonkey • Size 8.95 Kb • Downloads 330
Server mutator that changes all loot for small kegs instead ^^ the loot placment is stil the same and still costs the same, only the mesh is differnet. just a fun file =)
• Uploaded 29.04.2007 Keggie • Size 1.69 Kb • Downloads 471
Server mutator that makes all thdoors locked, pickable (diff of 9), openable to guards (cus ai kept getting stuck) also removes door icon and all the open/locked messages are different =) made mainly for co-op to make it harder, combine with others to m...
• Uploaded 30.04.2007 Keggie • Size 2.33 Kb • Downloads 420
ThNewTools Version 12
New tools for Thievery. This mutator pack includes new items,arrows and bolts for thieves and guards. This can be considered the final version for the forseeable future. The new items (that can be enable/disabled as the server host feels fit are):
• Uploaded 17.01.2007 Chief • Size 991.19 Kb • Downloads 582
Server Mutator That makes ai not take orders, idea was to use it on a ghosting server to make it easier for thieves. Ai will simply follow there normal patrol route
• Uploaded 05.05.2007 Keggie • Size 1.62 Kb • Downloads 545
Server Mutator that turns all "BlockAll" actors in all maps, to "BlockNothing" actors ^^ , makes it so players can get to places that where un-reachable before this is an updated file, if you downloaded the old one, replace both the .ini and .u file w...
• Uploaded 18.05.2007 Keggie • Size 1.54 Kb • Downloads 510
ThNoEquipStart is a server mutator that removes the starting equipment of both thieves and guards (so No bolts/arrows and no flares) i have however left the black jack in, as you cannot buy this item with the standard shop. Any one who knows a little of...
• Uploaded 17.05.2007 Keggie • Size 2.08 Kb • Downloads 476
Server Mutator that makes thieves sword and broadhead arrows have 0 damage on guards (both ai and human) making it a no kill server. : )
• Uploaded 29.04.2007 Keggie • Size 2.28 Kb • Downloads 449
ThNoKo contains 2 server mutators, the first "ThNoKo" makes the black jack unable to ko guards, but can still be used to ko spiders, doc etc, the second is "ThNoKoCrack" when this mut is active guards who get koed get cracked instead of koed. (code from...
• Uploaded 27.04.2007 Keggie • Size 4.95 Kb • Downloads 455
ThServerChoice is a mutator originally designed for allowing better control for ghosting servers (removal of sword and broadhead arrows). It gives the server admin the choice of what items,weapons and ammo a Thief or Guard can purchase at the start of ...
• Uploaded 25.02.2006 Chief • Size 8.77 Kb • Downloads 335
Torch Snuffer
Type: Mutator Platform: Thievery UT Version: 1.2 This mutator extinguishes torches at random (configurable min/max time) for added realism.
• Uploaded 13.05.2003 MortalMonkey • Size 2.16 Kb • Downloads 359
Several Thievery maps need this file.Just place it in ur UT/system Folder
• Uploaded 27.12.2004 Brody • Size 19.57 Kb • Downloads 332
TUT Comics!1! Copycat
The drawings i posted over at BCG Forums, zipped together for comfort and archived for future generations =p
• Uploaded 01.04.2005 Schleicher • Size 846.71 Kb • Downloads 517
TUT Fatboy
This mutator will make thieves become much fatter as they take more loot.
• Uploaded 18.07.2003 TheDan • Size 2.50 Kb • Downloads 342
TWT Zombies beta1
-==THIRD WORLD TECH Rafaela - ARGENTINA==-- From the butt of the world, THIRD WORLD TECH proudly presents: TWT_ZOMBIES BETA1 WHAT IS TWT_ZOMBIES? -------------------- It's a mutator that adds hundreds of ...
• Uploaded 14.11.2002 Brody • Size 2.11 Mb • Downloads 145
Desktop Thievery browser for Windows (TRS/ProMod/Haxer servers included). More faster way to find partners for playing thievery than anything!
• Uploaded 07.03.2011 WTaFa • Size 707.19 Kb • Downloads 270
V5.0 25 New Thievery Items Final Beta
This is the next version up from the Alpha release. It still contains 3 bugs, nothing too major but I suggest the rat potion isnt buyable for the moment unless you're just 'Taffin' about' and the SOS flare has a message in it that shouldnt be there :) R...
• Uploaded 20.11.2005 Chief • Size 1012.23 Kb • Downloads 385
Vampire 1.2.1
This Mutator enforces " no kill/knock "with multible valuable
• Uploaded 24.01.2004 Brody • Size 8.43 Kb • Downloads 283
Vampire 1.2.2
This Mutator enforces " no kill/knock "with multible valuable
• Uploaded 24.01.2004 Brody • Size 8.43 Kb • Downloads 363
This Mutator writes Say and Teamsay Messages in a seperately html File.
• Uploaded 30.01.2002 Brody • Size 28.99 Kb • Downloads 314
Zombie Mutator
This mutator makes thievery play like Th-SoulsHarbour, ai are all zombies, broadheads and sword dont do damage, water and flash do, thieves get explosive arrows etc, most the code is Dan Hines so all credit goes to him, also used immorts shop config cod...
• Uploaded 13.11.2010 Keggie • Size 206 Kb • Downloads 374
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